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Grants and Research Information Database (GRID)

ORD has developed an interactive online database of upcoming funding opportunities. Sign up on GRID!

Major Research Efforts

In addition to supporting individual faculty, ORD coordinates large, multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional efforts

Developing Competitive Proposals

ORD staff assist NMSU faculty with developing competitive proposals to obtain funding for their research.

Offering Proposal Writing Workshops

ORD offers workshops on obtaining funding from major funding agencies, namely NIH and NSF.

Guidelines for Teaming Agreements

If you are partnering with another organization, especially with a business entity, a teaming agreement might become necessary. In order to ensure that there are no conflicts within the institution as a result of multiple efforts for the same opportunity, the Office of the Vice President for Research  (VPR) has developed the following guidelines for teaming agreements:

Identification Process for Teaming Agreements
It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator (PI) to notify the Office of Research Development (ORD) and their Research Center by email immediately upon determination of intent to team. Please include the name of PI/NMSU lead, brief description of the program, NMSU role, link to the full solicitation, partner classification(s) (company, academia, non-profit, small business, etc.), and intent to team exclusively or non-exclusively.

Announcement Process
E-mail announcements will be sent to the Council of University Research Centers (CORC), Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC), the Financial Administrative Subcommittee Advisory Team (FASAT), and the College Deans. The announcement will not disclose any information that may affect the success of the proposal.

Notification of Potential Conflict
Anyone who may have a potential conflict of interest with the teaming agreement must notify ORD within the specified period indicated in the e-mail announcement.

Institutional Support Notifications
If there is no conflict of interest, the day after the ORD notification date, ORD will notify the PI, Research Center, and OGC with approval to proceed with the teaming agreement.

Teaming Agreement Execution
It is the PI's responsibility to contact the relevant college Research Center and OGC to execute the teaming agreement. ORD's role is to notify campus of the potential teaming agreement.