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Grants and Research Information Database (GRID)

ORD has developed an interactive online database of upcoming funding opportunities. Sign up on GRID!

Major Research Efforts

In addition to supporting individual faculty, ORD coordinates large, multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional efforts

Developing Competitive Proposals

ORD staff assist NMSU faculty with developing competitive proposals to obtain funding for their research.

Offering Proposal Writing Workshops

ORD offers workshops on obtaining funding from major funding agencies, namely NIH and NSF.

Guidelines for Limited Submissions

Federal funding agencies and foundations sometimes impose limits on the number of proposal submissions by an institution for a particular solicitation.  In addition, the nature of the requested work (interdisciplinary, collaborative, multi-institutional) or the number of awards may dictate that all interested parties work together to develop one submission for the greatest chance of success.  To support successful competition for funding and to ease the application process for interested candidates, NMSU's Office of the Vice President for Research has developed the following guidelines: 

Identification Process for Limited Submissions (LS) 
The Office of Research Development (ORD) informs College Research Centers and the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) about limited submission opportunities that it has identified.  If ORD is unaware of a limited submission opportunity, it is not listed in the GRID (click on the "Upcoming Limited Submission Announcements" link on the External Funding page to see if the opportunity is listed); a Principal Investigator (PI) who is interested in submitting a proposal responding to an announcement not listed in GRID is responsible for notifying ORD and the relevant Research Center or Research Unit so that the established process can be followed. 

Announcement Process 
E-mail announcements are sent to OGC, College Deans and Department Heads, and research faculty and staff who may be interested in a specific announcement that falls under the limited submission category. 

Notification of Intent to Pursue 
Limited submission announcements contain a notification date for informing ORD.  The PIs must submit their intent to pursue online no later than close of business on the specified date.  To submit your intent, follow the following steps.

1) Login to GRID
2) View the LS Opportunity of Interest in the "External Funding" section. 
3) Click on the "Submit your intent to pursue" links located toward the top and middle of the page. 
4) Click on the "Form AutoFill" link and enter any CO-PI information if applicable. 
5) Click "Save." 

After you click save, you will be re-directed to the RFP in GRID and your information will now be displayed in the "PI's Interested in Pursuing this Limited Submission Section."   An email confirmation will also be sent to the PI, CO-PIs (if applicable), ORD, and relevant research center (if applicable).  

Review and Selection Process 
If the number of PIs does not exceed the limit imposed by the sponsor, approvals will be given after the deadline to ORD expires.  If the number of PIs interested in an opportunity exceeds the limit imposed by the sponsor, ORD will ask the PIs to determine the possibility of combining their interests into one proposal.  If this is not possible, ORD will ask for preliminary proposals from all interested parties and set up a review panel to determine which proposal should go forward.  The review panel will include the Vice President for Research and/or his representative and the Research Deans from the interested Colleges or the Directors of the Research Units involved.  The criteria for selection will include intellectual merit, ability to win an award, alignment with strategic university objectives, and conformance to the sponsor's requirements. 

For LS opportunities whose deadline to ORD has expired and there are still vacancies, approvals are given on a first-come first-serve basis. 

Institutional Support Notifications 
ORD will email all PIs and CO-PIs, the relevant Research Center(s) (if applicable) and Research Deans, and OGC indicating those who have the institutional approval to submit their proposal.  Approvals will be sent approximately two days after (a) notification date to ORD has expired and an internal review is not warranted or (b) the internal review. 

Submission Process
It is the PI's responsibility to contact the relevant College Research Center, if applicable, or OGC to submit the full application to the sponsor. 

Withdrawal Process
If approval has already been obtained and a PI decides not to submit, the PI must notify ORD as soon as possible.  ORD will open this opportunity to campus and approve the next interested PI on a first-come first-serve basis.