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Grants and Research Information Database (GRID)

ORD has developed an interactive online database of upcoming funding opportunities. Sign up on GRID!

Major Research Efforts

In addition to supporting individual faculty, ORD coordinates large, multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional efforts

Developing Competitive Proposals

ORD staff assist NMSU faculty with developing competitive proposals to obtain funding for their research.

Offering Proposal Writing Workshops

ORD offers workshops on obtaining funding from major funding agencies, namely NIH and NSF.

Office of Research Development


To foster faculty and institutional competitiveness in pursuing extramural funding and increasing proposal success, thereby helping grow NMSU’s research portfolio and achieving Tier One Research designation

ORD provides university-wide, pre-award services that support faculty and staff in pursuing and obtaining external funding, including

  • Center-level initiatives
  • Large multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional efforts
  • Individual faculty proposals 


  • Communication of research and research opportunities, including
    • Marketing of research such as development of research newsletters, website, and brochures
    • Developing and maintaining database (GRID) of funding opportunities (including Foundation opportunities) and researcher collaboration resources
    • Identifying and disseminating funding information to researchers and administrators
    • Serving as a resource for knowledge and information about agencies, opportunities, and research-related funding trends
  • Proposal development support, including
    • Providing detailed RFP analysis
    • Providing go, no-go guidance
    • Providing proposal planning, storyboarding, and organization
    • Organizing “Red Team” reviews
    • Serving as Red Team reviewers
    • Managing limited submission review process
    • Participating in the limited submission review committee
    • Managing requests for cost sharing
    • Interacting with funding agencies and government offices
    • Writing, reviewing, and revising proposals
    • Analyzing proposal reviews to develop resubmission strategy
    • Developing and offering workshops for enhancing proposal competitiveness
  • Enhancement of collaboration and team science, including
    • Facilitating collaborations between investigators at NMSU or other Institutions
    • Catalyzing new cross-disciplinary research initiatives
    • Collaborating with Arrowhead to foster and promote commercialization
    • Fostering connections and team building
    • Maintaining faculty expertise database and other collaboration web tools

Grants and Research Information Database

The Office of Research Development has created and maintains a fully interactive, online database and portal as a faculty resource. Features include

  • External Funding Opportunities
    • Contains upcoming opportunities NMSU can pursue, including corporate and foundation opportunities
    • Allows search and export of solicitations
    • Contains archive of past solicitations
    • Contains optional email feature for receiving new solicitations
  • Limited Submissions
    • Identification of limited submissions
    • Internal date for notification of interest
    • Upload feature for internal competition documents such as white papers and presentations
  • Researcher Profiles
    • More than 750 profiles
    • Search feature for collaborators by research interest, capabilities, college, department, name, etc.

Limited Submission Process

ORD coordinates limited submissions and teaming agreements

Please ensure that you inform ORD (ord@ad.nmsu.edu) if you intend to submit a proposal that has a limit on the number of submissions per institution or if you intend to team in an exclusive or nonexclusive agreement.